Grab a Gift - Green, sustainable promotional products 2020

2 Insect saviors Avoid microplastics Wooden stamps With products filled with bee-friendly flower seeds, your company contributes with each distributed promotional product to the preser- vation of the bee population and biodiversity in our habitat. In alliance to the fight against marine- and environmental pollution, our products take up the idea of environmental protection. Often it‘s the simple things that make customers happy and bring marketing success. Emotional Promotional products create positive, emotional reactions in the recipient. Seed-bag page 16 Seed-paper page 12 Wondercandle Mini page 56 Logo-light page 64 Candlesand page 64 Straws page 53 Fruit- and veggie bag page 52 Swinging-bowl pages 30/31 Stamp in a box page 82 Woodies page 83 Woodies stamp pad page 84 New products and topics